Our Must Have Baby Clothes for Newborns

Our Must Have Baby Clothes for Newborns

I love reminiscing about the days where I was pregnant, looking at all the adorable clothes that all the stores had to offer! At the same time, there is so much information to take in when shopping for a newborn, especially if it is your first baby. At Pretty Plum Boutique we have a wide selection of baby clothes for newborns, that you don't have to think twice about buying. Our quality is will wrap your little one in softness and keep your new baby nice and cozy! 

It seems like it was not long ago I was shopping for my first born almost 9 years ago. It is crazy to think back and remember all the styles at the big box stores. So much neon dinosaurs, bright cartoon images, and patterns that were just so "baby" like. And if I were to be honest, it just wasn't the style I was wanting for my boy. If I had known about handmade goods back then, I am sure my son would have been dressed a million times cuter as baby! It wasn't until my daughter was born 4 years later that I started seeing more handmade stuff in ridiculously cute prints, ultimate softness and the most beautiful colours! I am going to show you some of our must have have baby clothes for newborns!

First is our swaddle set. I first made a swaddle set in 2019 when my youngest was born. I wanted all those cute hospital photos in a matching swaddle and adorable knot hat.  Around this time is when I first found the solids that I use to this day. I ordered a few meters and from the minute it arrived I knew it would be used in my shop as my line of solids. Wash after wash, her swaddle proved to stand up, and still be in pristine condition!  While she grew out of her super cute knot hat, almost 3 years later she still has her swaddle and occasionally uses it. Looking back at our fresh 48 pictures, I am SO glad that I had the adorable swaddle set. You could even order it with a bow! 

Second is our booties! These baby booties are one our best sellers, and at markets especially! If you are having a baby born in the cooler months, these booties are for you! One of the best parts about these booties is the fuzzy fleece sewn on the inside. These booties also will not come off easy like some of those pesky baby socks do. They have an elastic sewn between the two layers, and it doesn't leave a mark on those cute little legs. Our booties are also highly reccomened for baby wearing, because they are on the tall side, they give some good extra coverage. Wear these booties in the house, or in the car seat, they will keep those little feet as cozy as can be.

Looking for something for some ridiculously cute newborn photos? Try our overalls! It is one thing that I always gift to parents with newborns. Something about these overalls on tiny babies is just the cutest thing ever! If you are worried about diaper changes with these since they don't have snaps, don't be! The knots can easily be untied or slid through the buttonhole giving you easy access to change their diaper. 

Looking for the cutest accessory for a newborn? Our big bows are just that! An oversized bow on a tiny baby is the cutest! When I first had a girl, I was obsessed with ALL the bows! I had to have a bow with every single outfit! These ones are perfect for that. The sizes are baby 0-12 months, then move to toddler sizes, so these bows will last for awhile. I love putting my girls in the solids bows since they go with every outfit! You can find a lot of our bows at many different retailers across Canada and the United States

Our headwraps are one of those things are just so cute once they are on. The best thing about these is that they cover the whole head. Those little ears are kept warm, and these are perfect for the babies that have little to no hair! You can pick from so many variations, our favourite is the bubble flower topper shown here, but you cannot go wrong with any of them! 

I hope that our suggestions for must have baby clothes with newborns gives you some ideas of where you can start with your purchases for you new little one, or helps you add to your collection you have started! You can feel good dressing your little one in items from Pretty Plum Boutique, knowing they are ethically made, durable and made of the highest quality materials! What is your favourite item on the list? For me, it will have to be the swaddle set since it holds such a special place in my heart. 







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