Top 4 Mommy and Me Outfits

Who doesn’t love matching mommy and me clothing? So much so, that you can’t stop yourself from browsing Amazon, big box stores, and department stores for the best quality, cutest outfits you can find. Don't second guess quality, and invest in mommy and me outfits you know will last! 

Before I started sewing, I found it so hard to find cute mommy and me outfits in styles and prints that I liked! And when I did find one, the quality wasn't great or it didn't fit properly. I always knew that when I started my business, mommy and me outfits would be a big focus for me! I absolutely love being able to match my girls or even my son! 

I'm going to summarize some of my favourite mommy and me outfits that we carry! In our buttery soft fabrics, both adults and kids alike will absolutely love wearing their items. 


Our joggers have continually been one of our best sellers! What makes our joggers a little different from the rest? Both our women's joggers and our child sized joggers feature a yoga style waistband. No annoying elastic here! You can also fully customize your jogger to your taste! You can customize the pockets, waistbands, legs and ankle cuffs. One of our favourite ways it to use a solid for the pants and waistband, and do a patterned accent for the rest! Both adults and kids will be able, to move and run freely in our buttery soft fabrics! 


mommy and me dresses
The original mommy and me outfit here at Pretty Plum Boutique! Our mommy and me dresses! These ones are little different from the rest of our mommy and me outfit collection, because the kids dress is a different style than the adult dress. The women's dress is a tank top above the knee fit. The kids dress is a tank top (or short sleeve) high low dresses that is more flowy and twirly. Featured in this picture is our Fresh Peaches rib knit! I was so excited to try out the rib knit fabric this summer. Not only is rib knit cozy enough for the winter, our cotton blend rib knit is breathable enough for hot summers! You can't go wrong with selecting these as your mommy and me outfit! 
Mommy and Me Jogger and Raglan Set
Going out for a stroll never looked so good! You can be the best looking pair at the playground! Our jogger and raglan set is perfect for those days where you are looking for effortless outfits to put together. Our oh-so-soft fabrics is perfect for those days where you want to look stylish and still feel comfortable! The best part is our pieces to this set are so versatile! They don't always have to be worn together, you could pair with some leggings as bottoms instead or use a tank top for the top in the warmer months instead of the raglans! Whatever way you decide you want to wear your mommy and me raglan and jogger set, you will surely stand out from the crowd! 
Oversized Sweaters 
Our oversized sweaters were just released in the fall and we wish we released them sooner! They are ridiculously comfortable, versatile and durable enough for daily wear! We like to pair them with jeans or leggings, and we especially love the bamboo fleece! With how cold it is in Canada, the bamboo fleece is perfect for staying cozy and warm! Oversized doesn't have to be frumpy and ugly, oversized can be cute and fashionable!
Hopefully reading some of our favourite mommy and me outfit ideas will give you some ideas of what you should order for you and your little one! So many options for ever season. You will stand out from the crowd for sure in our beautiful clothes! 



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