Kids Craft Ideas

Kids Craft Ideas 
Something about letting kids get creative that is just so much fun to watch! It has been amazing watching my kids grow up and their craft abilities evolve. I remember how much I loved crafts as a kid. My mom got this book of crafts when I was a kid called "The Ultimate Book of Kid Concoctions" and to me as a kid it was the coolest! I still have the book to this day and I love doing the same crafts I did as a kid with my own kids. You can still grab the book here on Amazon! When I am not using that book, I am on Pinterest which has SO many amazing craft ideas. If you aren't already on Pinterest I suggest you sign up, and if you are make sure you are following us there! 
Here are some of our recent favourite crafts 
I hope that you like even one of these crafts to do with your kids. The painting with bubbles is my kids favourite one to do! Next would bet the fluffy pet rocks. They are always collecting rocks, so it puts them to good use!
Happy crafting! 



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