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Empowering Each Other


If you know Pretty Plum Boutique, you know one of our brand values is community over competition. I decided to start this blog series "Empowering Each Other" to highlight talented businesses, who also value supporting other businesses. This blog series will feature all types of businesses, so if you have some favourites be sure to send them my way so they can get featured!

Through this blog series you will learn about the feature businesses products, their story, about the owner(s) and why they also love supporting other businesses. I am beyond excited for this blog series! 

Too many businesses lately it seems are focused on competitors. As a business owner myself, I think that an owner needs to be confident in their products, and their abilities as a business owner to set themselves apart, and create their own image instead of focusing on what "competitors" are doing. While at the same time I am a firm believer that you get so much further as business owner when you are supportive of other businesses.

I will also always celebrate the wins of other businesses who succeed and reach goals, or achieve their dreams. I say it all the time, and I will say it again, there is room for everyone. Let's empower each other, and create the most amazing community of businesses!