Back to School Essentials

Back to Essentials
Back to school is a BUSY time for parents. Gathering school supplies, going to 5 different stores looking for that one duotang your child needs for school that seems to be sold out everywhere. Labelling all the school supplies. And if you have multiple kids, back to school is even crazier! I couldn't imagine teachers who are also parents, lesson planning and setting up classrooms on top of getting your own kids ready for school (If you are a teacher you are absolutely amazing!) 
On top of all that, your kids have likely grown over the summer, and need some fall clothes. One of my favourite parts about back to school when I was a kid, was getting to pick out new back to school outfits! Getting some back to school outfits doesn't have to be complicated, or stressful! I have created this back to school outfits guide to make your life easier! 
Fall is coming, so it the cooler weather. As much as I love summer, there is something about cozy sweaters that I absolutely love! Our oversized sweaters are perfect for just that! This sweater is perfect to keep cozy back at school this falls (we also have matching women's oversized sweaters!) Featured here is Boho Pom Pom in our rib knit.
A fall essential, our joggers! These perfect back to school pants will be a hit with your kids! Not only are they durable (tested by my son who is always ripping holes in his pants) they are buttery soft and hold up wash after wash. Kids will also love the functional pockets. 
Kids just love having something a little extra on their backpacks! I know my son loves it, and my soon to be kinder kid wants one of these! Custom back pack clips from North & Little Loveables. Send her an Instagram DM to order! 
T-shirts are essential all year round! So it makes sense that they would make our back to school essentials list. Wear a t-shirt paired with our joggers for the ultimate lounge set! Perfect for playing on the playground, and staying comfortable in class. 
A best seller for cooler weather, our hoodies! Especially in this dinosaur print you can't go wrong! Our hoodies are thick enough to add an extra layer of warmth, but still super breathable for those who want to put a t-shirt under. My son LOVES the hoodies in rib knit! Perfect for staying cozy in the class. 
There is our back to school essentials! It's not school supplies, but they're essentials in our books! You will love how durable and easy to wash our clothes are. No parent wants to send their kids to school in nice clothes that can easily get ruined or has special washing instructions. If you made it to the end of this blog I got a special surprise for you! If you want to order any of the clothing items from our shop for back to school you can use the code "FALL" at checkout to save 15% 



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