All About Peplum Dresses

I still remember the first time I decided to sew a peplum dress. I was intimidated by the pattern to say the least. I was making it for my daughters second birthday, rushing the night before. Not my brightest idea to say the least, the top ended up inside out, and I didn't even hem the skirt. Now sewing the same dress is second nature to me, and I really love sewing them! Our peplum dresses have consistently been one of our shops best sellers! It's easy to see why, the fabric is buttery soft, durable enough for play and ridiculously cute on! My girls also go for their peplum dresses in their closest quite often. Our peplum dresses have the most beautiful twirl that anyone will love. They will be feeling like a princess, their parents know their child is comfortable, and the fabric is durable enough to hold up to everyday wear.
How do you pick the right peplum dress? With so many options, I understand that you may be overwhelmed at first! Like I was overwhelmed the first time I made one. Once you order your first one, it’ll be a breeze from there. I suggest starting by thinking about what season you are buying the dress for. This will help you decide on the sleeve length. The options are sleeveless, short sleeve, half sleeve and long sleeve. Short sleeve and half sleeve are our most popular, and can be worn any season! Whereas, long sleeves are only usually a popular dress option for the winter months. If you have ever seen our dresses in any of our retailers, you will usually find short sleeve or half sleeve. Next you will want to think about the fabric. There are so many fabrics, I know you might be thinking what colours go together? Should I do a full pattern or a mix and match with a solid in there? I really love dresses in entirely print or entirely in a solid. Those generally seem to be a Pretty Plum best seller! With prints being the best seller out of those two. The best part about a full patterned dress, is that you can endlessly pair it with solids bottoms (we love the ribbed tights or leggings). You will also need to decide on fabric bases. The top choices for this dress is cotton spandex, or any of our rib knits. You really cannot go wrong with any option, the peplum dress will be so cute regardless.
How do you pick out the right size? Sizing is pretty straight forward for the peplum dress and goes by age. Our peplum dress fits true to size. I find a lot of customers even size up! Being able to size up in a piece of clothing is never a bad idea for kids. If you don’t mind a less fitted look for a bit, you will get longer wear out of it. Or if you child is on the small side, order true to size and it will still fit for awhile! My almost 3 year old is still wearing her 18-24 months peplum dress. It is getting a bit too short on her now, but I doubt she will ever let me take it out of her closet! 
There are some things to keep in mind when you're shopping for kids peplum dresses. Don’t be afraid to have fun! Pick fabric that you love, or you think your child will love. This is an investment piece to purchase. Let kids be kids, if they are older, get them involved in picking out the fabrics and sleeve length they will want. If you ever cannot decide what you want to order you can always reach out and I will gladly help you decide. Or if you love surprises, I love being able to have creative freedom! Whatever you do pick, I can guarantee that you will love it, your child will love it and the peplum dress will be loved as much when it is passed down.



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